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COS had seen year on year eCommerce growth but had outgrown their existing offering. We worked together to conceive a conversion-optimised solution whilst allowing for expressive storytelling.
Content meets commerce
COS is a quiet brand by virtue of choosing to grow without the help of advertising. An aspect of their growth can be attributed to the quality of the editorial projects. We consolidated much of this content into one section and indexed it to allow for continuous exploration with the use of tags. Modules were built to accommodate a mix of image and video ratios and we introduced a global search, allowing customers to search for product and content.
The site was designed and built using a scalable system that allows the COS team to both organise the library internally and serve customers consistently across various touchpoints and devices.
After testing multiple flows we landed a solution that appeased both new customers who often come direct into product pages from social or newsletters and returning customers who know exactly what they are looking for.
Showcasing taste
COS is a brand known for its partnerships with eminent artists globally—bringing lesser-known creatives to a wider audience. We created a content hub that showcases the collaborations—serving as both an educational tool whilst inviting the users to view the associated product.
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